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Simple Steps for Achieving Everyday Glamour

Do you think that achieving that effortless, glowy, bombshell look is close to impossible? Think again.

There are so many products out there that can work in your favor. At the same time, the selection may be a little overwhelming. But who said it had to be difficult? I have created a guide that incorporates methods and products from my every-day beauty routine.

Prep your skin

Before applying any kind of makeup to your skin, you need to prepare your skin with the right primer. This will help ensure the most smooth application and long-lasting impact possible. I use both the Urban Decay Hydra-Charge Complexion Prep Spray and the E.L.F. Hydrating Face Primer   This helps to moisturize my dry, sensitive skin.

Awaken your skin 

Brighten up dull skin by using a strobe cream such as Mac Cosmetics Strobe Cream in Pinklite.  I use this as a second step to my primer and find that it really helps give my skin a healthy glow. This product is so versatile that I also use it as a highlighter or mix it with my foundation.

Eliminate dark circles 

The Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid in Pink is a lifesaver . Before applying foundation, I swipe this product under each of my eyes and blend with a concealer brush.

Seek out a full-coverage foundation

For full coverage and even application, there is no product I could rave about more than The Tattoo Lock-It Foundation by Kat Von D. I have fair skin and I use the shade Light 45 Warm.

Maximize the power of your foundation

For an all-over illuminating affect, I mix my foundation with two drops of PrettyPretty Pearl Illuminating Drops – I actually purchased this in the makeup section at Burlington Coat Factory and unfortunately have not been able to find this product online to provide a link.

If your skin is dry, I also recommend mixing your foundation with two drops of Tarte Maracuja Oil. This can also help make your foundation less thick. This is yet another product that is so versatile it can be used alone to moisturize your skin and even replenish dry, damaged hair.

Invest in some decent brushes – and a blending sponge!

You really cannot achieve a flawless look without the right tools – quality matters! All of my brushes are from Beau Gâchis Cosmetics.  Blend your foundation over your skin with the Beau Gâchis Cosmetics Pro Series Applicator Sponge.

For a great set of facial brushes, I also recommend the Highlight & Contour Set.  

For 20% off your purchase, use my code LISA at checkout!

Get a contour palette that does it all.

My favorite contour palette is The Luminizers Palette by theBalm Cosmetics – there’s a shade for bronzing, one for highlighting, and one for adding a subtle rosy color to your cheeks. What more can you ask for?

Find a subtle lipstick that works for you.

Everyone has different skin tones – so a lipstick that might look great on one person may not look the same on someone else!

That’s why you have to test out products before you buy. If the product is only sold online, do as much research as you can – look to YouTube and Instagram for product swatches and reviews.

Right now, my favorite every-day color happens to be the Candy K lipkit by Kylie Cosmetics. It’s a good every-day shade, and for a matte lipstick, the formula is not excessively drying.

Note : In the featured photo of me, I am wearing Koko by Kylie Cosmetics in the shade Bunny.  

This is more of a mauve-toned matte lipstick.

Select eyeshadows that compliment your eyes, skintone, and personal style

There are so many eye shadow pigments and palettes to choose from.

Some of my favorite eyeshadow palettes include:

BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Eyeshadow Palette (pictured on left) If you like shimmery shades, this palette is for you. The bronze and copper shades work well with every eye color.

The Tarteist Pro Eyeshadow Palette (middle) This palette is ideal for someone who likes to use mainly matte-finish eye shadows. The selection of neutral and purple tones works especially well for green and brown eyes.

Naked Heat Palette (right) This one consists of warm, deep-toned reds, oranges, and browns. The terracotta tones really compliment blue eyes, and the product is pigmented enough to work well with just about any skin tone.

Set your makeup!

The last and the most crucial step in any makeup routine – set your makeup to ensure it stays put all day long. I have found that using a combination of these two products – the Mario Badescu Facial Spray and NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray – really enhances the wear of my makeup.

What are some of your favorite beauty tips?







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